Created and performed by
Christopher Kehoe

"This shit is genius."
-Sarah Wash, Minnesota Playlist

Brandon’s had some setbacks. His job. His ex. His father’s dementia. And now, his eyesight. Today, however, somewhere over the Atlantic, on a flight where the time is always 2:41pm, an unlikely hero will rise.

Created by Christopher Kehoe, creator of last year’s St. Christopher of Financial Aid, Reykjavík is an original solo performance about dreams, layovers, superheroes, and the Nordic language.

August 4-12, 2010
as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival

Christopher Kehoe
with voice acting by
Christian Bardin, Amber Bjork, H. Adam Harris,
Charles Numrich, Bjorgvin Kristinsson, MaryLynn Mennicke,
Keith Prusak, and Jason Rojas

Sound Engineer

Production Assistant
MaryLynn Mennicke

Stage Manager
Sarah E. Perron